In this job, you will be presented with tweets that are about American Airlines.

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  1. Click on the link to view the tweet.
    • If the tweet is no longer available, select the option "The tweet is not available."
  2. Read the tweet.
  3. Determine if the tweet is relevant to American Airlines.
  4. Click all links found in the text for additional context.
  5. Determine if the tweet is positive, neutral, or negative.
  6. Enter in the number of times the tweet has been "liked."
    • You will find this on the tweet's original webpage (see 'Examples' section).

Posts can be classified as:





Positive Tweet:

Neutral Tweet:

Negative Tweet:

Unavailable Tweet:

After clicking on the link to the tweet, this page opens:

Unrelated Tweet:

Number of Likes:


You will read through the text of tweets, and utilize external links present in tweets, to understand the sentiment of a tweet. Pay attention to details and the choice of words when making your choice. Do not overuse "Neutral".

Thank You!

Thank you very much for your work!